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It is mandatory for all existing VLE to Re-register. You will recieve DigiMail credentials once your application is quality checked.

Applicant should have their mobile and email updated in the Aadhaar database. Incase, the information is not updated, Applicant is requested to update using Aadhaar mobile update service.


1. All mandatory fields should be properly filled and submitted.
2. Aadhaar & OMT ID of the VLE is mandatory to start the application.
3. Mobile & E-Mail should be updated in Aadhaar system, if it is not VLEs are advised to first update their mobile and email before re-registration.
4. Latitude & Longitude are automatically calulated based on address provided.
5. VLEs who complete the detailed application will be entitled to download the CSC identity certificate only.

Enter a valid Aadhaar number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India to start the application process.

Enter a valid OMT ID issued by CSC to start the application process.

Select the mode of authentication you would like to perform for a Aadhaar e-KYC based application submission.

The Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) is a legal contract between you being, an individual user and CSC e-Governance Services Ltd. (CSC). CSC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise, add, or delete portions of these terms and conditions any time without further notice. You shall re-visit the “Terms & Conditions” section from time to time to stay abreast of any changes that the “Site” may introduce.
I hereby state that I have no objection in authenticating myself with Aadhaar based authentication system and consent to provide my Aadhaar Number, Biometric for Aadhaar based know your customer. I also give my explicit consent for accessing the mobile number and email address from Aadhaar System.
By submitting, I agree to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned above.